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I had a pain in my neck and between my shoulders which was getting progressively worse over a year. It was affecting me especially when sitting in work and on the train. After having physiotherapy and acupuncture which only helped in the short term I went to see Damian. He was able to explain clearly what the treatment would be and it was fascinating to find out what the cause of the pain was. After a few sessions I noticed a big difference. After a few months I have no pain at all, I feel stronger and my posture is better as a whole. I now can sit at work in no pain allowing me to do more work and am able to workout in the gym and play football without any problems.

FT, Billericay

After suffering for 6 months from arm and hip pain I decided to see Damian to see if chiropractic could help. After having chiropractic care I am able to work and perform daily activities with a lot less pain and aches.

BM, Billericay

Having suffered with tennis elbow for 2 months and being told by the GP that nothing could be done I saw Damian in the gym that I go to. After a course of treatment my elbow is now back to normal and I can get back to my normal gym routines.

ML, Wickford

After 22 years as a coal miner, 10 years of playing professional rugby league, attaining black belt at Jui Jitsu and at the age of 59 my body was in quite a mess and had been for some while. I was putting up with aches and pains for some years and had presumed it was never going to get better. How wrong was I! After seeing Damian, on a recommendation from my sister, for 2 weeks I feel 10 years younger and am virtually free of my aches and pains, thank you so much.

SW, Rayleigh

For many years I had suffered with headaches, neck pain and back pain from day to day and during exercise. After 3 months of treatment with Damian the frequency of my migraines has gone from every 2 weeks to once in 6 months. I can now train to my full potential in the gym without worrying that a migraine may start.

TB, Chelmsford

After putting up with several months of back pain that was even stopping me from getting around my own home, I was recommended to Damian. On my first visit Damian was very patient with me, as I even needed help to turn or sit up on the couch during the examination. It took a couple of appointments before I noticed much difference, only to be expected as I had let the problem go on for a long time. But the improvements got better and better each visit. Now my appointments are further apart and I am walking back to normal this has given this 73 year old her life again.

Mrs S, Benfleet

Severe back and thigh pain had taken me to my GP. They had given me painkillers but on the walk home I came across the chiropractic clinic. Now 4-5 weeks into treatment my back pain and thigh pain have gone plus a long term problem of golfers elbow has also been helped. I am so glad that I called into see Damian and recommend him to all my friends and family.

WS, Benfleet

I was suffering with chronic low back pain which had made walking difficult and on occasion my back would lock. This had been going on for 1 month and it was getting worse before I was recommended to see Damian by a family friend. Damian was able to clearly explain what was wrong and the course of treatment that was needed. Regular reviews on progress are made to make sure that I can keep on improving. I now have pain free freedom of movement and with the treatment and exercises I know what to do to minimise the pain and strengthen my back to prevent it. My daily commute on the train is now easy without the fear of my back going into spasm.

PC, Hornchurch

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